JULY 14th, 2018

"When we read about Jesus,

it seems like He traveled everywhere performing miracles, but it’s easy to miss the fact that the miracles He performed took place as interruptions to His daily tasks and teaching. He never was too busy with His agenda—never too preoccupied with ministry—that He ignored a cry for help. He allowed Himself to be interrupted.

In Mark 5:21-43, Jesus allowed an interruption to lead to miracles. Jesus was on His way to speak to a crowd that was eagerly waiting for Him when a leader in the synagogue asked Him to come heal his daughter. Jesus immediately left the crowd to go with him. Then, on the way to the leader’s house, a woman touched His robe and was healed from a 12-year health issue – and Jesus stopped and took a moment to bring her story to light and to celebrate her freedom. He then went on to the leader’s house and healed his daughter as well.

When was the last time you allowed someone to interrupt your agenda with their need? Maybe you’re very busy, or maybe you don’t feel qualified help someone who has a need. The good news is, God hasn’t asked us to be the answer to their problems—Jesus has that covered. Our part is to simply make ourselves available to show them His love.

The most amazing stories I’ve been a part of throughout my life have happened when my daily agenda was interrupted, when I’ve said yes to unexpected opportunities to stop and help. When we allow our lives to be interrupted, we get the chance to be a part of a miracle God is ready to do in someone else’s life.

Are you willing to stop long enough to let God do a miracle through you? Make yourself available and allow Him to interrupt you with the chance to be part of His powerful work.”

Dino Rizzo


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Serve Day was inspired by some incredibly powerful movements that have come together with the dream of serving in every community.



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Bill KirkpatrickNew Heights Church | Chandler, Arizona

“We were able to be apart of many outreach organizations across the city including kids from poor areas, orphans, elderly, pregnant moms, single moms, widows, families from Haiti, and human trafficking survivors.
We loved the event and the whole day really turned out great. Will definitely be doing it again next year, and are hoping we can widen our reach even more!”

Ryan JenningsRadiant Church | Tampa, FL

“The interactions people had as they handed out water were amazing. The homeless breakfast group got to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus as they served those who were in need. The Metropolitan Ministries group organized and boxed up food that will be delivered and benefit hundreds of families. We met the needs of the High School by painting classrooms, which were the one thing they wanted to improve and didn't know how to do it. Even our team that picked up trash in the Downtown Tampa area had great conversations with people as they went and they were able to share the love of Jesus with several people. Our pancake breakfast was a huge success, as we were able to go into an apartment community where there is a lot of poverty and is mostly single parent homes. The joy on the faces of the parents and the kids as we simply served them up some food and gave the kids balloons was simply amazing.”

Daniel JudgeGeneration Church | Jupiter, FL

“This year as a church we decided to partner with some of the local preexisting organizations in our community instead of creating our own event. As a result we were able to build stronger relationships in our community and build bridges for future service opportunities for our Life Group and Dream Team members to organize.
We also had a woman and her son who had never come to our church sign up for Serve Day because they "wanted to be a part of something bigger." Not only did they come to Serve Day, but the next day the mother came to our 10:00am service and gave her life to Jesus. Such a huge win!!”

Caleb FauberLakeshore Church | Rockwall, TX

“Teams that were invited back to serve local ministries. Family who was blessed by the yard work said how they expected a little work to be done but were blown away by the how good and how much the team did! They said, "I just know we’re gonna get Yard of the Month!" Family who had their house painted said they can't wait till next year so they can serve like they had been served. They said maybe we can't do a lot but we can do something! Many team members and teams expressed a desire to do this more before the next serve day!”

Kevin GeraldChampions Centre | Tacoma, WA

“Serving at a home established to help single moms throughout their pregnancy. These young mothers are helped with options other than abortion when they feel like they are alone and unable to handle their unplanned pregnancy... we helped keep their property clean, painted, mowed lawns, pulled weeds, cleared out a green house and helped build different things needed for their property. Also got to prepare and serve meals to youth in Seattle who are homeless.”

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